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Model Box


The Ohio State University's Theatrical Research Institute (TRI)  created an exhibition "Theatre Magic: Technology, Innovation, and Effect" for their spring 2014 display. Curator Beth Kattelman requested an interactive lighting unit that could be used in tandem with one of the TRI's models. With the help of resident lighting designer Mary Tarantino and technical director Chris Zinkon, we created a truss like structure upon a solid base. The base contained a small Chauvet lighting console and we hung Darklight fixtures upon the truss to illuminate the model, enclosing the entire structure in plexi glass. Within the exhibit, patrons were invited to manipulate faders on the console to see how color and light affected the scenic model. 


In addition to being on display at the TRI, this model box made the rounds at USITT 2015 on the expo floor with The Ohio State University. 

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