Across a Distance

By Nick Lantz

We are the space between two islands, between dreaming and waking.

--​Man, Across a Distance

University of Wisconsin Madison 2006

Director: Kelly Bremner

Composer: Scott Gendel

Scenic Designer: Kristin Hunt

Costume Designer: Jim Greco

Photos courtesy of Brent Nicastro & Katie Kudrick.

"I've got to figure out how to get across. Impossible?"

"I can't know he's there and not go to him. You wouldn't understand."

"The stars-- they are not lonely. They know they can pull their lovers back to them..."

"Explain to me how everything can break so easily. I'm waiting."

"Your voice is the mist that hovers over the water before the sun has risen."

"We are the beginning of a story, a book left open, a sun that is just rising."