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The House of the Spirits


The Ohio State University Department of Theatre  2014

Director: Beth Kattleman

Scenic Designer: Marni Balint

Costume Designer: Ashton Montgomery 

Lighting Designer: Mary Tarantino

Sound Designer: Chris White

Photos courtesy of Matt Hazard and video courtesy of Alex Oliszewski. 


Ferula to Esteban

Ferula's letter to Esteban is scripted across the stage as she writes.

The Earthquake

For the earthquake, the director requested a merging of realistic images and sounds (fire, rock slides), with more stylistic choices such as the ripping of paper. 

Barabbas' Blood

After Barabbas is stabbed, his blood pools around a weeping Clara.

Night of the Knives

As with the earthquake, the sequence for night of the knives included realistic images, such as fire and the faces of the disappeared, interwoven with images of South American graffiti. 

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